Washington DC Tours

Washington DC Tours

There are plenty of Washington DC tours to choose from. However, the best tours are the ones where your tour guide hops off with you at each DC Attraction. Can you imagine seeing the Lincoln Memorial and other Washington DC Memorials with a tour guide who tells you about the Gettysburg Address that is inscribed on the wall inside the Memorial. Your guide can also show you whose face is carved on the back of Abraham Lincoln’s head.

Tours of Washington DC

The best tour of Washington DC is the OnBoard DC It All! Tour. It will show you all the DC Monuments with a tour guide who never leaves your side. It includes a yacht cruise on the Potomac River as well. Check it out if you are looking at Washington DC Tours.

Summer Break with Children in Washington DC

Three words describe Washington DC in the summer; hazy, hot and humid. With DC one of the most popular areas to visit with children on summer break, we have some helpful tips to help beat the summertime heat and humidity.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan your days to minimize walking and outdoor activities and to make the most of the cool, air-conditioned museums and attractions. While some outdoor walking will be necessary, try to limit it to mornings and evenings as much as possible. During July, like many Mid-Atlantic tourist areas, the heat index can top 100 degrees in the early afternoon, usually with a chance of thunderstorms forecast for the late afternoon to break the humidity.

Prepare for Battle

Comfortable walking shoes with support are highly recommended. Dressing in light, loose layers will help you not only beat the heat, but have a layer of protection against chilly, air-conditioning in some attractions or restaurants. Bottles of water are going to become your best friend in the heat of the day. While some attractions may not allow food or drink to be brought in, using an easy-to-carry insulated tote to keep water cool and tucked away is permitted in many attractions.

Be Flexible

They say in DC if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, it will change. Have a backup plan for a rainy or mercilessly hot day. Again, the indoor attractions and museums are a wonderful respite from inclement weather. If the kids are becoming museum-weary, consider a break from the National Mall for more casual activities, Madame Tussaud’s is just a metro ride away, and offers several interactive experiences for the under-18 crowd. ¬†We recommend you take a sightseeing tour from a company that has air-conditioned buses, such as OnBoard DC Tours.

If your family is planning a summer trip to Washington, DC, be prepared not only for the weather, but to have the time of your life!

Caroline Tyler Huddleston

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